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Welcome to the interactive portal REUS PLANOL

Planol Reus belongs to Softecnia

Softecnia ReusPlanol drives among other projects as a project to offer cutting edge and keep all informed of any event or place of interest within their city.

Through collaboration with various entities, municipalities, tourism offices, public entities has created a distribution network to refuel throughout the year to the various customers and distribution points of our map.

Through its distribution and success in recent months we intend to not lose our philosophy, our intention to expand to different cities with similar characteristics to develop projects that not only of interest to citizens, but they really serve as tools to consult and be day of any event or news that occur within their city.

We encourage the use of our online map and offer our customers the perfect tool to advertise and set up as their business within their personalized section of the map.

Our goal is to convince all our clients and readers that they have provided a new means of reference to be informed, i can use all the resources and points of interest that appear on maps, and especially emphasizing the places and events the year's most interesting and useful for everyone.