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Legend has it that coffee was discovered in Yemen by a shepherd who noticed his goats were particularly agitated when grazing on a nearby hill where they found that eating berries they liked particularly.
What does that when someone from a certain age, you ask for MILD he draws a slight smile on his face and he lit his eyes?

The exercise of this traditional drink ask for a lot of people creates childhood memories and memory of another time I had in a very MILD present in everyday life, especially in the south of Catalonia, in the Penedès region, Lleida, Tarragona and, in a way that is still alive today, at the Lands of the Ebro.

It was a drink which was taken home and, above all, from family meals to dinner in the coffee houses and farms and the village. The SOFT was, in essence, coffee soda. Containing coffee, why was not the habitual consumption of children, but its composition and taste of sweet tone that gave the gas allowed to make exceptions in special lunches when each of the small house were allowed to feel a slightly larger in exceptional cases, taking the coffee "the great", as SOFT. Many farmers take them to coffee after lunch and before returning the piece to feinejar all afternoon. In summer, the houses, the hottest hours, it was usual to sit in the shade with a glass of soft side.

The formulas vary by location and houses, but normally it was based on coffee, soda, sugar and ice. From there, someone added cinnamon or vanilla, or some other component "secret" was that he had a soft shades depending on where they took it to you. His popularity had been given by the taste, for its stimulant and for being very easy to prepare.

The ingredients are very common at home and making it easy to: put a pinch of cinnamon to a glass, coffee, and finally the soda and ice. The proportions vary in taste, but is more common than drink coffee and have ¼ ¾ gas. Depending on the ice that we, the proportion of coffee can vary.

The end result is that even the foam is generated has a very appealing flavor.

Where does the name of this drink? The hypothesis is more strongly that says the name of SOFT is the result of evolution in the popular use of the name Zuavo, which is the name that had a French infantry recruited from the Berber tribe Zwawa, of Algeria.

Quest military corps was expanded in the first half of the nineteenth century by the United States, Brazil, the Papal States and the Ottoman Empire and it created an image of body and brave adventurer, to some extent exotic and mythical. It seems that Spain participated in one of the Carlist wars of the nineteenth century. In France, the body lasted until 1962.

The popularity of these soldiers contributed to the fact that the painter Vincent Van Gogh painted at least twice a portrait of an official body.
Camp de Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre to drink it even remembers the call soft-and, in some cases, Zuavo. In Lleida, however, say that the soldier would be another evolution of the name, to use popular among citizens of Lleida plain.

Why, then, can not convert the memory of a taste and a certain time in a new reality? Lost in the habit of making a smooth means also retrieve a drink that is proper and what is done with products bearing the seal of the territory.


Products Coffee, a leading company that manufactures the brand Reus Brazilian coffee, the most popular in the city and its surroundings, has now proposed to recover this drink that had been so popular and has prepared a series of actions to make it known.

The first of these actions will be a popular event in Reus, in Market Square on Friday, May 11, in which the presence of the different parties involved, will be released and you can enjoy the gentle.

For this initiative has involved the collaboration of cuinòloga Mariona Square, who helped develop the formula to make it both at home and to use gentle public establishments, in order to convert drink a regular on the terraces of the establishments in the area.

This initiative also has the support of some companies engaged in the production of gas territory, an area that was very powerful and that there are still good examples. In addition, the City of Reus, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Reus, Reus Tourism and hospitality associations in the city have welcomed the initiative with enthusiasm.

This initiative, therefore, that attempts to recover a product that had been their own and now we want to be back everyday, at home and the terraces of the city.