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McDonald's vision is "to be where and how to eat their favorite customers," which requires direct efforts and resources to achieve one hundred percent customer satisfaction in each of his visits to restaurants. To achieve this objective we have developed four basic principles that characterize his business philosophy: Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value and Affordability.

Our principles

High quality and product safety which takes place throughout all phases of production and selection of products, from ingredients to preparation in the restaurant.

The customer is always the most important and the goal is to at all times a 100% satisfaction. The speed of service, the friendly and personal and constant adaptation to customer tastes are the means to achieve it.

McDonald's pay constant attention to cleanliness and hygiene facilities.

It is the equivalent concept of best value.

Our Values
Corporate social responsibility at McDonald's is founded on values ​​that are manifested in every business, both at work with suppliers, as in the professional development of employees or how to contribute to the communities it serves. At McDonald's, shared corporate values ​​which are accepted and respected by all employees.
The customer experience

It is the center of everything we do. They are the reason for our existence. We show our appreciation by offering products of highest quality with the best service in a clean and pleasant and the best possible price.
Our commitment to people

We offer opportunities, encourage talent, develop leaders and reward the achievement of objectives. We believe that a team of highly trained individuals with diverse professional backgrounds and experiences, working together in an atmosphere of respect and promotes high levels of commitment is essential to our continued success.
We believe in the McDonald's System

The business model is characterized as the "three-legged stool of" composed of franchisees, suppliers and employees is our foundation, so it is crucial the balance of interests between these three groups.
We manage our business in an ethical

Ethical integrity is essential for business. McDonald's apply both to ourselves and our business, high standards of fairness, honesty and integrity. We take our responsibility both individually and collectively.
We return to the community that has given us

We take seriously the responsibilities of leadership. So, we help our customers build better communities, we support charities like the Ronald McDonald House Charities and leverage our size, scope and resources to help make the world a better place for everyone.
We work for the profitability of our business

McDonald's is a publicly traded company and as such we strive to provide sustained growth for our shareholders, which requires continuous attention to our clients and the vitality of our system.
We strive to continually improve

Constant evolution and innovation. We are a learning organization, in order to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of customers, employees and our system.