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Reus Transport

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Reus Transport
Since its inception, Reus Transport has provided the citizens of Reus a municipal public transport punctual, efficient, comfortable and reliable.

The City Council will continue working to maintain and improve this service and make it an essential tool of mobility in the city of Reus.

The focus of the City of Reus by public transport which has yielded positive results. The municipal company Reus Public Transportation works with good performance. The large number of users a day take the bus to move from one place to another city we confirmed.

Our staff is involved in a process of training, the basic purpose of which is constantly improving the service for our customers and users.

In the equipment of the new buses include air conditioning and the system "kneeling" that allows got to stop, the vehicle lean sideways until your floor is the same height the platform. That and the fact that the floor of the vehicle has no scale, allows a user full access.

Every day, the maintenance team Reus Transport oversees the interior and exterior cleaning of vehicles, so every day, start the service, the buses seem to come out of our factory. In our facilities, vehicles are also subject to maintenance of the mechanical and bodywork.

The ISO 9001 quality certification, recently obtained, supports the work solvent and dedication of everyone who works at the bus company.

We are proud to say that a company as young as ours has a distinction that guarantees the effectiveness of the service, its quality and punctuality, friendliness and efficiency of its staff and the comfort and safety of vehicles.

The ISO 9001 quality certification is granted only to companies that have a high level of overall quality in its service, from customer service to control and administrative processes.

The 10 commandments
Reus Transport aims constantly to meet the requirements below:

1 - Provide an efficient and consistent with the changing needs of the city.

2 - Encourage the use of public transport and make it an attractive alternative to car use.

3 - Provide a service that users perceive as reliable, efficient, clean, punctual and safe.

4 - Be able to continually improve service, the analysis of user needs and responses by the introduction of changes and improvements required.

5 - To ensure the involvement, participation, commitment and collaboration of staff.

6 - Inform and train staff continuously so that each employee is responsible for the quality of their work.

7 - Using technologically advanced equipment both for the environment as a convenience and passenger safety, without excluding those with a reduced mobility.

8 - To optimize resource management by reducing costs but not quality.

9 - To liaise with other agents to meet the mobility needs structural or cyclical may occur.

10 - Document, implement and maintain systems of work and quality management.
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Phone: 977 300 006