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The Giants new black
The Giants new black
Foto: Antoni Carbonell
The impetus for the creation of the new Black arise from bad old Black, constructed with the procedure fails, a technique very resistant to continuous movement and the passage of time.

To involve citizens in the project, the League Giants and Carrutxa launched the campaign "and the New Black" to "ensure that the new couple can go out thanks to the generous and voluntary contributions of citizens."

The design and construction of the new Black undertook to Ramon Ferran, who created two figures representing the nobility of the black race. The models were presented at La Palma on 14 July 1989 and showed the image of the Black Current: she, a flame retardant, a espantamosques, and he, a leader of the Zulu tribe, with a scepter in his hand.

The creation of new Reds went out by a team of people led by Fernando Ramon, Ramon Guillemat (structures and horses), Ursuni Barbera (locksmith), Josefina Rivera and José Luis Reig (costumes), Pilar Prados (jewelry) and Paquita Perez (who adapted the wigs for Black old to new) as collaborators.

The new Reds were presented on 22 September 1989 with the sponsorship of Radio Reus reusenques of all entities and all collaborators of the mass campaign, in addition Carrasclet and India.

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